You too can create Puzzles for all to play!

Eligibility Requirement: You have to solve 3 SillyPuzzles first.

After you have solved 3 SillyPuzzles you will be emailed a link to the Build-A-Puzzle page.

Request the link here:

When you get the bug to create a puzzle keep the following in mind:

  • Silly Puzzles can be simple or complex but all have to be interesting in some way
  • Make a few easy/average puzzles before moving on to the challenging stage
  • You get to define the puzzle! We are open to puzzle designs that are unique and quirky.
  • Keep it “family friendly” and safe. We don’t want anyone to be uncomfortable at any point in their search for a Silly Puzzle.

The following components are required:

  • Puzzle Name
  • Description
  • Difficulty Level
  • Get Map coordinates on site -look at you My Puzzles page
  • Pop up question (the Silly Puzzle, silly)
  • List of acceptable answers
  • Features

Once you have submitted your puzzle it will be reviewed prior to inclusion in the game. If it’s unique and interesting we will check to make sure the location is safe and appropriate. We reserve the right to reject any puzzle so make it cool!

The following need to be considered:

  • No trespassing! All locations must be legally accessible.
  • Permanent! Does the puzzle take you to a location that will be accessible for a long time (ie. a museum) or a short time (ie. an exhibit with a set duration?)
  • Is the location available 24/7? If not, list the open hours.
  • Puzzle hunters should not be directed to areas where foot traffic is unsafe or will harm plants, animals or the environment.
  • Answers must match exactly to be verified by “Dan.” (Dan is the name of our Silly Puzzle robot.) Example: Bar-B-Que might be input as BarBeQue, Bar B Que, B-B-Q, BBQ or B.B.Q. We will need you to provide a list of exact answers that you will accept.

Please read our Terms of Use

If your puzzle has more than one Stage, submit a new Puzzle for every Stage.


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