Solving a SillyPuzzle

Click to Try a sample SillyPuzzle

Parts of a SillyPuzzle

Types of SillyPuzzles

But Why?

  1. Open the Safari or Chrome browser on your phone/tablet. (FIREFOX WILL NOT WORK with our software at this time!)
  2. Notice the 3 horizontal lines at the top of the page?
    Click the bars to see site navigation options.
  3. Please make sure you have Location Services turned on in your phone settings!
  4. Create an Account and log in
  5. Go to the MY PUZZLES page to see the nearest puzzles
    a) You will see a list of unsolved puzzles, each showing the distance (as the crow flies) from your current location.
    b) There will also be a map showing the location (?) of many of the puzzles.
  6. Pick a Puzzle - Put on your shoes - get your bike/car keys
    Follow the map and/or clues to a SillyPuzzle location. 
    When you get to the location, a puzzle question (or a clue) will appear in a green box.  The question/clue will disappear when you move away from the immediate puzzle area.
  7. Type your Answer in the answer box - Press Submit
    Some are easy!  Just look around the puzzle location until you discover the answer to the question. Other puzzles will require you to solve a logic problem or proceed to another location or perhaps sing a song to a bartender. You can start with easy puzzles  (1 point) and move up to harder puzzles as you learn how the game works.
  8. Local Knowledge
  9. Advanced - Use the Search box to find specific puzzle types


Click to Try a sample SillyPuzzle

Everything on the page can be a clue!
The Puzzle Title.
The picture.
The description.
The map.

The map will not always take you to the exact spot to find a puzzle answer. Use the picture and the clues shown to find the exact spot where a puzzle answer is hiding.

The puzzle question or the final clue will first appear when you are 100-500 feet away from the actual puzzle. Don't slam on the brakes and start your search when the question pops up! Continue following the map and use the above mentioned clues to narrow down your search.

Keep Track of Your Activity - Earn Bragging Rights!

Every time you find a puzzle you earn points. Your account page will keep track of solved puzzles and your point totals. Compete with your friends. Make new friends when you meet competing players.

User Levels (points earned) and Titles 
0-9 Novice
10-29 Apprentice
30-99  Journeyman
100+ PuzzleMaster

All answers to questions must be typed exactly as found to match the answer in our data base. You can try more than one answer!

Ready to build a SillyPuzzle?

This game gets bigger and better because
everyone (who has an account)
can solve AND build puzzles.
Only one requirement - You have to solve 3 puzzles first!

  1. Click the button below to create a puzzle
  2. Instructions here: